Integrity and greatness
serve as the backbone of our business.

We invest, operate, and grow companies that impact the Consumer Supply Chain to deliver an exemplary and mindful customer experience.


Since its inception, Cloud Gate Investments has operated business and interactions with the highest level of integrity. In this business, transparency and disclosure are of the utmost importance.


Teamwork is the key to success. At Cloud Gate Investments, our team is here to serve your financial needs and provide a close-knit environment to ensure all of your goals are met.


We pride ourselves in being a results-oriented business and our excellence brings continued client satisfaction. At Cloud Gate, there is only one level and that is excellence.


With laws changing and technologies progressing rapidly, there is always uncertainty and instability in the market and in our futures. That’s why Cloud Gate Investments is constantly innovating and improving our model to ensure recurring success.

Cloud Gate At a Glance



Total assets under management*



Acquisitions to date



Revenue Growth

Represents committed capital raised since inception through Cloud Gate Investments since March 2021

A proactive
investment focus.

We invest in opportunities that will challenge the status quo to grow rapidly and effectively, while maintaining a sustainable business model. Our methodology and teamwork allow us to exceed industry benchmarks for our Investors and Companies.

It’s never crowded along the extra mile. And that’s where you’ll find us.


We recognize investing can be an intimidating process, so we aim to remove the confusion behind the investment framework to establish a simple, yet powerful, model to generate returns in the private markets.


Source and pursue opportunities with a high growth financial future and generate value by introducing strategies focused on people, processes, and technologies. We focus on value generation by identifying problems quickly in management and implementing a holistic management strategy.

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